EGirl is the most advanced 3D stripper software available for your advanced PC. With EGirl, you control the action. You tell the girl what to do, answer her questions, and she will be sure to please you with a sexy strip tease, and maybe more if you treat her right.

She has an assortment of hot 3D sex toys to play with, and you can control the camera directly to get just the 3D view you want. EGirl also runs as a screensaver, for full screen 3D stripping on your desktop!

She will pleasure herself in exotic environments such as an abandoned cathedral, a mountain cavern, or a mysterious vine jungle. With EGirl, you will be treated to the most sexy, realistic 3D babe experience you can imagine!

EGirl v1.2 is available now for only $20USD - download the free demo now!


Have an advanced video card like an NVidia Geforce FX or ATI Radeon 9600 or above? EGirl will take advantage of your computer's graphics power, using advanced vertex and pixel shaders for the most advanced and realistic 3D virtual girl you've ever seen! Check out the demo - it's free!

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